What We Do

Mortgage Solutions

Through our registered mortgage brokerage, JayCap originates, underwrites, and manages tens of millions of dollars of mortgage loans for new development, redevelopment, acquisition, and refinancing annually. Our diligent focus ensures that we deliver responsive and unique mortgage financing solutions to our clients. In general, our clients are mortgage brokers, developers, real estate owners, and builders whose projects include commercial, retail, multi-family residential, light industrial, building and land developments.

At JayCap, we understand that every real estate project is unique. We take pride in our ability to offer flexible mortgages that are tailored to meet the requirements of each individual project. We know that confirmation of financing is incredibly important, and that securing funds quickly is critical to success. Our efficient review and commitment process ensures speed in the delivery of each mortgage.

Our loans range from a low of $500,000 upwards to a value of $10 million. With a focused approach, we are able to deliver highly responsive and proactive mortgage financing solutions to address a diverse range of projects. We follow through on our commitments, and our clients can rely on our ability to fund their projects, quickly and efficiently.

Investment Solutions

JayFund Inc. is a mortgage investment corporation (MIC), designed specifically for funding mortgages that are both originated and underwritten by JayCap Financial Ltd. As the manager and administrator of JayFund, JayCap’s experienced management team ensures that all approved mortgages meet strict lending criteria, and are underwritten and reviewed within established guidelines, to mitigate risk effectively and to optimize results on behalf of investors. All proposed loans are reviewed by JayCap’s experienced Loan Evaluation Committee, and once approved as required by securities legislation, all are diligently managed until repaid in full. Similar to those issued by banks or trust company mortgages, JayCap ensures all documentation, security, registration of security and disbursement of funds are prepared and handled by registered brokers and lawyers.

For investors looking to diversify from stocks and bonds, JayFund real estate investments provide some diversification associated with real estate investing.  Funds invested are always backed by real property. Investors participating in the JayFund MIC join together with other investors to create a ‘pool’ of capital available for real estate mortgage loans. Investors earn income generated by the interest paid from the borrower subject to a deduction for the administrative fees and expenses. Since Jayfund is a MIC, it then distributes these profits in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines in accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act.  This provides investors with a unique and attractive investment opportunity.