Borrower Services

At JayCap Financial Ltd., we pride ourselves in our responsive and timely delivery of intelligent mortgage solutions that are designed to meet the objectives of you and your client. We respect and value the relationship between the broker and borrower while recognizing that this relationship is pivotal to our success. At JayCap we will protect this relationship while working with you to serve and meet the needs of your client and the project opportunity.

Once the required borrower and project information is in place, our underwriters will begin the process of assessing the application. If the project makes good sense, our experienced and knowledgeable team will ensure that a Commitment Letter is issued quickly and with as little paperwork as possible.

At JayCap, we endeavor to make a difference to the mortgage financing process, and as such are pleased to provide the following resources to support both the broker and borrower through the lending process.

Personal Financial Statement Form (click to view)
Information Guideline—Brokers (click to view)
Information Guideline—Construction Loan Requirements (click to view)
Information Guideline—Homebuilder Construction Loan Requirements (click to view)

For more information, please contact:

Frank Deys
Business Development
P: (780) 641-0555 x204

Jason Ushkowski
Senior Underwriter
P: (780) 641-0555 x203